Superhero Name

IMG_1135-3x4I’m Chris Africa, a mom, wife, author and project manager living in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Someone told me once that I have a superhero name, and I love that description so much that I repeat it as often as possible. (Superhero Name.)

It used to be that the most interesting thing about me was my place of birth, a U.S. Army hospital in Frankfurt, Germany. I even have a super-cool birth certificate with a ribbon and a seal on it which I used to show people sometimes, before I became paranoid about identity theft. So I’m very happy to now have a SUPERHERO NAME.

On this blog, you will find all the back story there is to find about me, my life, and my book, including

  • Observations about life and living from Jebbita Allseer, who is rumored to play a large part in Book 2 of the Deathsworn series. Jebbita wandered the desert for 270 summers, eventually settling in the Blackwood and writing her memoir, Jebbita Sprach.
  • A mother’s wisdom from Lora Smyth, mother of Nita Smyth. During her travels and travails, Nita derives strength and comfort from these words. Perhaps you will, too.
  • Drawings from my talented 11-year-old, Olivia. Olivia likes to draw women with all body shapes, and throughout her life she has experimented with a number of different eye styles. They are always dressed very fashionably in clothes that I hope to own some day. Olivia prefers to work in black-and-white, though I have occasionally convinced her to use color. As you can see from her Dog Girl, she often works on commission.
  • Announcements related to my book releases and promotions.
  • I’m considering re-posting some short stories that I originally wrote for Ultraverse E-zine of Science Fiction and Fantasy (still visible in the Wayback Machine).

Feel free to add comments or send me email.

PS: Superhero name. Don’t forget!





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