Books Undefeated: 1000–1

I decided to cull my books recently. Anyone with a sizable library will understand when I tell you that going through 1,000 books is no fast and easy task. But I had dedicated a day to cleaning my basement, and books occupy 25% or more of my storage space, so it was a necessary first... Continue Reading →

Vizions of the Future

My short story, "Matchbook," has been included in the amazing Vizions of the Future anthology published on July 29 on NetGalley members can also download it free from NetGalley. If you read it and like it, please be sure to leave a review!

Going Indie: Before You Leap

On Saturday, April 21, Kevin Dangoor (writing as Barnaby Quirk) and I gave a presentation on indie publishing at the SCBWI-MI Ann Arbor Shop Talk. Below are links to my presentation and the accompanying handout: Going Indie_ Before You Leap Free Resources for Indie Authors Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Drawn on iPad

Olivia prefers to sketch on paper and then ink her final drawings. Today she decided to draw these three directly on iPad with Sketch Club.

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